Gulf Of Gokova
A trip into the wild

Gulf Of Gokova

Located on the south coast of the Bodrum peninsula, the Gulf of Gokova is one of the most fascinating corner of Turkey, offering amazing views with beautiful combinations of colors. While the sea is a wide range of blue, pretty shorelines covered by trees offer every tone of green. Gokova is the preferred yachting destination of Turkey welcoming travelers from all around the world. Successively called as Kerameikos, the Gulf
of Istankoy and Gulf of Kerme, the Gulf of Gokova took its final name from the Eastern part of itself. Karaada is also the biggest island of the gulf reaching 9 km2 of landscape. While the gulf is rich in history and ancient ruins, the most famous among them are the ancient city of Keramos the center of ceramic crafting and Cleopatra Island also called Sedir Island including a beach famous for its white sand and landscape, and the Kedreai ruins.


Boarding starts at 15:30 right after the loading of your provisions and the harbor formalities. A briefing about your itinerary and the boat will be given by the captain or our local representative. You may choose to stay in the harbor for exploring the flourishing city of Bodrum and its night life or to start your journey in the Gulf of Gokova right away with an overnight in a bay closeby.

With a history that goes back to the 12th century B.C, Bodrum became one of the most praised yachting and tourism destinations and offers precious cultural attractions as well as an animated night life. The ‘Mausoleum’ of King Mausolus (350 B.C.) one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is in this city. The Castle of Saint Peter the best preserved piece of architecture with a history dating back to the Medieval Ages.


Early in the morning, you will start cruising to Orak Island for a swimming break in the shiny and turquoise waters that if offers and enjoy the succulent lunch made by your private chef on board. You will be sailing to Cokertme, a scenic fishing town, in the afternoon for the dinner and the overnight stay. This is the occasion for a short walk on shore for the guests who wish.


We will be cruising to the Seven Islands before breakfast and Kufre bay will be our first stop in the Seven Islands Region. We will anchor at Long Port for lunch and a swimming break. Our final stop of the day is the English Harbor taking its name from the 2nd World War as British Navy ships used to dock here. This is where we will have dinner and stay at night. Many large and small bays are suitable and sheltered in this magnificent wooded area, covered with pine trees.


Today we will arrive to one of the best part of the Gulf of Gokova tour, the worldwide famous Cleopatra Island. This exclusive place with its picturesque small beach with clear waters and white sand is today an open-air museum where you will have the occasion to swim in front of the mountains and visit ancient ruins. We will then be sailing to Karacasogut village for the dinner and the night. As this charming village is only at 25 km away from Marmaris it will possible for those who wants to visit Marmaris City by bus. Optional Dalyan – Caunos tours are also available.


After a recommended morning swimming that will soon become a part of your daily activities, we will cruise to Longoz Bay, another paradise like place covered with an amazing pine forest for lunch. After lunch, you can enjoy a walk in the forest or have a drink at the local shed-like cafes. We will anchor to Tuzla Bay for a swimming break, dinner and overnight will also be here.


We will arrive to Kargili Bay early in the morning and we will be anchoring at Kisebuku after lunch. You can visit the ancient ruins of this lovely bay where we will spend the night.


We will enjoy our lunch at Papucburnu where we will arrive in the morning. After the tea service, an optional local village tour in Yaliciftlik will be available to our guests from this bay. In the afternoon, we will be setting sail to a bay close by Bodrum for our last day’s dinner and night.


The Gulf of Gokova, one of our favorite itinerary comes to an end here. The check-out time is at 10:30 after breakfast. Feel free to ask our local representatives for more information about the city’s highlights. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to be informed of our latest promotions and news.