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If you are looking for an unequaled comfort on the sea without renouncing to the luxury lifestyle that you are used to while you only take care of yourself and your loved ones, a Luxury Motor Yacht Charter is what you need.  Fast and beautiful a Motor Yacht is engine powered and can take you anywhere you dream of. With optional features like jacuzzis, jet-skis and  Yoga teachers, this option will perfectly suit your high standards.

Taking their origins from Turkey, these Traditional Handmade Wooden Gulets have also a very unique place in the history of Yachting Holidays. Long time favorite of our guests around the world Luxury Motor Sailors will offer advantageous prices with a combination between the comfort of an engine powered yacht without overriding the pleasure of sailing at will and the original spirit of a Blue Cruise.

Real sea lovers, those who want to feel every bit of wind while their yacht is splitting the magnificent turquoise waters of the Aegean or the Mediterranean, Sailing Yacht Charter is for you ! You will be addicted to this more energetic way of living a yachting experience where comfort meets action, while our professional crews and Captains will be there to serve and make you live unforgettable moments.

Trending Yachts of 2019

Choosing a charter yacht  isn’t always an easy task, especially for those who want their hollydays to be truly perfect. Our experienced charter brokers are always here to help you find the yacht that will perfectly fit your needs, but let’s have a look here to the most prefered yachts by our guests from all over the world for the summer 2019. 

The Adriatic Sea is in the northwest-to-southeast arm of the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by the Apennine Mountains and the Dinaric Alps. The Adriatic has become a prominent cruising destination in the past few years and provides the perfect conditions for a luxury yacht charter. Adriatic’s natural beauty is still unspoiled and is enchanting visitors at the sight of the beautiful natural and architectural wonders of this place.


Located on the south coast of the Bodrum peninsula, the Gulf of Gökova is one of the most fascinating corner of Turkey, offering amazing views with beautiful combinations of colors. While the sea is a wide range of blue, pretty shorelines covered by trees offer every tone of green. Gökova is the preferred yachting destination of Turkey welcoming travelers from all around the world.


As one of the most amazing archipelagos in the Mediterranean, the Cyclades offer a clear blue sky, shiny turquoise waters, sugar cube white houses around rocky cliffs, churches with blue domes, ancient ruins and natural wonders. The 220 Island chain attract variety of visitors with their cosmopolitan party hubs, rustic villages, beautiful sunsets on romantic bays and sea food restaurants that will be the high light of your yacht charter experience.

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  • This was the first time that we tried Motor Yacht Charter in Greece with no experience whatsoever. We would like to thank Ganymede Yachting team very much. 

    Jack Dawnson

    North Dodecanese
  • We had an amazing time. The crew have been fabulous. Food has been delicious. We will be doing this again in the future. Thank you !

    Sandra Rawle

    Merve Motor Yacht
  • That was the most wonderful holiday. The crew was superb. I will not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends. I will be back.

    Ahmmad Talil

    Gulf Of Gokova
  • Thanks so much for looking after us so well and for taking us to such beautiful places. Most of all, for your friendship. Hopefully we will meet again.

    Julie T.

    Bedia Sultan Luxury Gulet
  • Totale disponibilita e bravura. Gentilezza del capitano e la famiglia. Cucina buonissima e abbondante. Massima attenzione per i vostri bisogni. Rosella Benzoni.


    North Adriatic

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