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The biggest maritime event of the Eastern Mediterranean “The Bodrum Cup” united sailing enthusiasts for its 30th anniversary. During this event including Istanbul for the first time, 25 mega yachts crossed the Bosphorus for the pleasure of the spectators. The organization ended after the regattas that occurred from October 22nd to 27th between the beautiful coasts of Bodrum and the Greek Island of Leros. The boat named Dragon Fly is the winner of the regatta where 200 sailing yachts were competing, attracting more than 10.000 spectators.

This amazing organization initially created by the sailing club Era Bodrum for teaching the subtleties of sailing to professionals as well as passionate amateurs, has rung the depart campane for the 30th time with the support of sea lovers and all participants.Ganymag - The Bodrum Cup Has 30 Years

As a part now of Bodrum’s traditions, The Bodrum Cup is also standing out from other events of the same kind by giving the possibility to those who want, to be a guest inside the competing yachts while the on-land events are creating a festive atmosphere. Popular local artists like Kenan Doğulu, Levent Yüksel and Bengü also attended to the organization during crowded concerts.

The committee president Süleyman Uysal says: “Our goal now is to take The Bodrum Cup further in distance and to bring this organization above worldwide standards. We want this event to be the face of Turkey.”

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